Governing documents

Your organisation’s governing document is the rulebook by which it is run. It will set out what the aims and objectives are of the organisation; how it is run; by whom; and other administration functions there within.

The Charity Commission provides model constitutions depending upon what type of structure you are adopting.

If you are a Community Building our subscription service gives you access to model constitutions adapted for community buildings and approved by the Charity Commission.

We have produced a sample constitution for small voluntary groups which can be adapted for your use.

For further help on how to write your governing document you can book a free support session. If you would prefer to talk to someone first or would like some help filling in the form, please email or call 0330 2369350 and one of our team will call you back within one working day.

Have a look at FAQs on the Governing document:

Can I change my governing document?

It is always worth keeping your governing document under review. Over time, the needs of your organisation and its beneficiaries may change, and you do not want to be constrained in your operations by outdated provisions in its governing document.

The trustees will need to decide if changes are necessary. In some cases, these changes can be made by the charity itself (where the law or your governing document allows), for others the Charity Commission must approve the changes.

How do we amend our governing document or constitution?

Your governing document or constitution, together with any requirements of the relevant regulator, will determine how you can make changes to your governing document or constitution.

The Charity Commission guidance explains what you can change and what you need permission to do. You may also like to watch this video from Lawworks .

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