Why Volunteer

Volunteering can offer you a chance to discover a whole new side to life. It can help you to experience new things and meet different people as well give you the opportunity to share your skills and ignite your career.

It can leave you feeling good, knowing you have made a difference to someone else.

There is a huge number of volunteering roles available right now in Bucks. Explore the types of volunteering on offer and find out about what makes volunteering so rewarding from just a few of the people who have given their time and talent to Bucks’ organisations.

You don’t need special skills or loads of time to get involved: find your dream opportunity here.

Latest Volunteering Opportunities from Do-it

Volunteering Opportunities from Do-it

Walks and outings in Waddesdon with Dennis
Enrych Buckinghamshire
Buckinghamshire, HP18 0LD

Dennis is a lovely, friendly gentleman who lives in Waddesdon and is looking to get out of the house more. Dennis has restricted mobility but would love to get out for walks or outings to cafes, shops and garden centres. Dennis would love a volunteer to spend some time doing… Read more

Volunteer Buddy to chat music and films in Aylesbury!
Enrych Buckinghamshire
Buckinghamshire, HP20 2QA

A lovely young woman, she is bed bound and has been for quite a few years. She has recently (May 2019) been able to sit up for up to an hour meaning she can engage in a little craft work now and would love to share that experience with someone.… Read more

Out and about with Ellie in Aylesbury
Enrych Buckinghamshire
Buckinghamshire, HP20 2QA

Ellie's vision is impaired and she can't get out and about as she once did, she would love for somebody to go for walks with, visit garden centres, have a cuppa and a good chat. She is quite flexible on activities, she recently retired and is mostly interested in not… Read more

Going to the gym with Mavis from Aylesbury
Enrych Buckinghamshire
Buckinghamshire, HP21 8TS

Mavis lives in Aylesbury and used to really enjoy attending the gym and exercise classes at Aylesbury Vale Leisure Centre. Mavis has recently experienced a significant decline in her vision and is no longer able to attend the gym alone. Could you accompany Mavis to the gym to get back… Read more

Getting out and about for walks with Joan from Aylesbury
Enrych Buckinghamshire
Buckinghamshire, HP19 9HP

Joan enjoys being outdoors in the fresh air, due to reduced mobility Joan has had difficulty going out on her own and would really enjoy your support and company on local walks. If you're interested in volunteering with Joan and you could spare approximately an hour or two every fortnight… Read more

Going to tribute gigs with Peter from Aylesbury
Enrych Buckinghamshire
Buckinghamshire, HP21 7RT

Do you enjoy listening to music like Queen, ELO and Status Quo? Peter would love to go to tribute gigs every so often and would like a little support when there. He is an interesting chap who used to be in a band would you like to join him for… Read more

Steam model railway enthusiast from Stone
Enrych Buckinghamshire
Buckinghamshire, HP17 8PB

Do you enjoy making model trains, scenes and running the tracks. David a keen model rail enthusiast, is having difficulty continuing to build his trains due to a stroke last year. Would you like to join him steam ahead with his railway? If you're interested in volunteering with us and… Read more

Shopping, coffee and chat with Sue from Aylesbury
Enrych Buckinghamshire
Buckinghamshire, HP18 0FS

Sue would really enjoy getting out more in Aylesbury to have a wonder around the shops or go for coffee and have a good chat. She is finding it difficult to go on her own due to MS causing her reduced mobility. She spends a lot of time with her… Read more

Seated exercise with Peter in Aylesbury
Enrych Buckinghamshire
Buckinghamshire, HP20 2JP

Peter is keen to continue his hard work with his physio to aid his rehabilitation but is looking for some support to practise the exercises his physio sets him. This would involve throwing and catching a soft ball and using resistance bands to improve his strength. Peter has reduced mobility… Read more

Out and about in Aylesbury with John
Enrych Buckinghamshire
Buckinghamshire, HP20 1LE

John would love to get out more locally either in the evening for a drink or to see some live music or during the day to take photographs and go to places of interest. John has a condition that effects his mobility and speech, so looking for a bit of… Read more

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